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your calls answered for you

Answering calls is an important part of any business, whether it’s customers calling with questions, or b2b clients looking to get you into a conference call. The phone is always ringing, and it’s a no-brainer that you need someone picking it up.

answering the phone is important

Missing too many phone calls means missing out on business, and no one wants that. You also don’t want to spend your day waiting by the phone, and have we mentioned customers don’t want to talk to machines, either?

My Admin Co has real, live, people answering your calls so that you have more options for how to spend your time.

customer service is high priority

80% of callers sent to voicemail don’t leave a message because they don’t believe it will be checked. Less than 1% of callers will hang up on a live person. Improve your customer service and make a great impression with prompt answering.

My Admin Co helps customers feel supported by answering questions and taking messages for them.

We answer your phone calls and deliver your messages, starting at only $49/month.

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what we offer

Whether you’re stuck in a meeting and can’t get to the phone or you are on the other line working with another customer, we can answer the phone for you.

Make a Great Impression

Our 100% US-based virtual receptionists provide responsive service and answer calls, transfer calls and take messages with the professionalism you and your customers expect. 

Never Miss a Call

You’ll never need to pause a meeting or race to the phone again because our receptionists will be there to talk with your callers so that you never miss a call.

Cut Costs

Hiring a virtual receptionist from our call room is more cost-effective than hiring a full-time receptionist at your business, and it allows you to use your time in a more productive way.

what you get

We charge only for the time we spend on the phone. Here’s what you get:

Call forwarding, from your phone to ours
Tailored voicemails and greetings
Call rules set up to meet your unique needs
Emailed messages and voicemails
Direct access to live administrative team
Text and transfer rules, as per your preferences

We answer your phone calls and deliver your messages, starting at only $49/month.

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