call answering for your business

because you’re busy.

Phone Calls Wasting Your Time?

How many hours do you lose in a week tied up in phone calls, replying to voicemails and playing phone tag? You can’t afford to lose business by not answering the phone, but you also can’t afford to spend all day talking instead of delivering services and products to the customers you already have.

Focus on activities that grow your business, not phone tag.

Customers Getting Frustrated?

80% of callers sent to voicemail don’t bother leaving a message because they don’t think they’ll ever be heard. However, less than 1% of callers will hang up on a live person. Give your customers the service that they expect with prompt answering and another person on the end of the line. 

Keep your customers on the line every time, without wasting yours.

What Do We Do?

Tired of missing calls when you’re in a meeting or out of the office? My Admin Co will answer the phone for you! If you can’t get to the phone, don’t have time to answer or are already on the line, we’ll answer the call.

Win Business

Customers expect responsive service, and live receptionists who can answer calls, transfer calls and take messages will impress your callers.

Get Rid of Distractions

No need to pause your meeting just to answer a call. Instead, we’ll take care of it, so you never have to hear your ringtone again (unless you want to!).

Save Money

Hiring a virtual admin is more cost-effective than hiring a receptionist to answer phones at your business, and you can re-invest the difference back into your business.


What you get, for what you pay.

45 Minutes = $49/Month

Boost Your Customer Service

Flexible Answering Options

Dedicated Virtual Admin

No Contract

Add Upgrades

$99/month: Get 120 minutes 

$199/month: Get 300 minutes

Ready For More Free Time?