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How to Catch Up on Your Workload

Falling behind on your work is something everyone experiences, but what’s an effective strategy to catch up? As a small business owner, it may be more of a challenge, considering how some resources aren’t readily available for someone starting a company. However, there are plenty of useful practices that will […]

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4 Valuable Ways to Use Your Employee Timesheets

employee timesheets

Your employee timesheets are telling you and other managers information. Are you listening? While employee timesheets obviously serve as a way to see the amount of time that your employees are working, they also contain information that can be used to give you new and valuable insight into your business. […]

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Can Your Business Afford to Miss a Phone Call?

missed phone calls

Every business needs clients and customers to succeed. However, forming and maintaining those relationships is easier said than done. While your business probably has customer service standards in place for answering emails and Facebook messages, it’s easy to forget about the most traditional method of communication—the telephone. Can your business […]

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