Email Tag Is Overrated

Ever played a game of email tag? We’re experts at connecting stakeholders across time zones to get the job done. Our admin staff can handle the back and forth with your clients and customers to set a meeting time that works for everyone based on your calendar—no tag backs.

Simplify your scheduling process.

Meetings On Your Schedule

Struggling to get meetings scheduled that work for your schedule and your client’s schedule? With Book My Meetings, we work using your calendar, and we will only schedule during your availability. We’ll take care of working with clients to come up with a mutually-beneficial time and notify you of when it is.

Leave the calendar-flipping to us.

What Do We Do?

Book My Meetings takes care of all appointment and meeting scheduling on your behalf. All you need to do is CC us, and we will take care of all of the back-and-forth with your clients and customers to get a time on the calendar.

No Time Zone Troubles

Where does your customer live, again? We can handle any time zone confusion to make sure that every client has the right time for the meeting, wherever they are located.

Custom Availability

We don’t need access to your entire calendar. Instead, we will take your available times and fit your interested customers and clients into them. 

Save Money

Hiring a virtual admin is more cost-effective than hiring a receptionist just to answer email appointment requests at your business, and you can re-invest the difference back into your business. 


What you get, for what you pay.

25 Meetings = $99/Month

Maximize Your Calendar Time

Eliminate Email Tag

Dedicated Virtual Admin

No Contract

Add Upgrades

$188/month: 60 meetings per month

$299/month: 100 meetings per month

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